Business Plan Template


If you are struggling with your business plan we can help:

  • Business mentoring

  • Free training and workshops

  • Access to finance

  • Free online resources

Writing a business plan can be time consuming and initially quite intimidating. To help you along the way we have put together a business plan template and associated guidance notes to help you build a robust document.

Your plan should be broken down in to easy to digest morsels of information to make the contents easy to absorb and understand for a potential investor or analyst.

In order to make the process seem less onerous start with a few key headings including:

  • Executive summary
  • Key People
  • Legal matters
  • Financial
  • Market research
  • Marketing plan
  • Operations
  • Contingency
  • Summary

Once you have these headings in place you can work through them one to by one to slowly build the bigger picture and final document.

If you are struggling with your plan and would like some friendly advice or guidance, we run regular business planning workshops, alternatively you can give us a call on 020 3011 1340 and arrange to have a one to one session with one of our mentors.

Good luck and if you need some help give us a shout.