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Richard Dearden


What’s your role at EFL and what does it entail?

As Director of the Company I support the strategic direction setting activity and assist the team to develop products and services to meet the needs of today’s business owners and future entrepreneurs across the London area.

Additionally relationships are key to Enterprise for London and I support the team in developing key contacts across public, private and voluntary sectors. As a Company we are very keen to work in partnership and if your business/organisation is looking for ways to connect to young, dynamic, growing businesses across London please contact the team.

Who is your favourite entrepreneur and why?

It would be unfair to single any one out to be honest, I accept that’s a bit of a cop out but I admire anyone who takes the bold step into the world of enterprise. For me an entrepreneur needs vision, determination, tenacity, single mindedness, commitment and lots of time and effort! The rewards are huge but equally the risks need to be carefully considered – any individual following their dream to start and grow a successful business is worthy of admiration in my view!

How do you like your tea / coffee?

Tea – strong with a drop of milk, preference as Yorkshire born and bred has to be Yorkshire Tea!

Coffee – Americano! A good, solid decent blend of Americano with milk always hits the spot!

I think the recent growth in tea/coffee shops is a great testimony to the world of enterprise – this industry has seen a boom in recent years and I see no sign of this abating. Entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and exploited the market!

Where’s your favourite spot in London to hang out?

There are so many! For me though it would have to be the Southbank, the energy, diversity and mix of people, business and entertainment makes this a great place to grab half an hour and consider where the next business opportunity is coming from!