The Team

Adviser-Richard Salmon

Chief Executive

Richard Salmon


What’s your role at EFL and what does it entail?

As Chief Executive for Enterprise for London I am responsible for the planning, direction and co-ordination of the company to ensure that we achieve our goal of delivering jargon free, easy access advice to entrepreneurs throughout Greater London.

Time permitting, I can also be found out in various London boroughs delivering business advice to our clients. Not only do I find it interesting to meet and work with clients but it ensures that I am close to the clients we are supporting and understand their needs.

Who is your favourite entrepreneur and why?

Being a football fan I think my favourite entrepreneur is Alex Ferguson. Although he did not start a business, he was integral to a worldwide brand. The entrepreneurial mindset he displayed when working with a variety of different individuals and leading the team to huge success for such a significant period of time is something that I have a great deal of respect for. It also shows that entrepreneurship is about a mindset of finding innovative solutions and overcoming challenges, to my mind, it is not simply setting up in business.

All staff at Enterprise for London are required to have an entrepreneurial mindset to our daily work. This ensures we provide the best possible service to clients and grow and develop as a company.

How do you like your tea / coffee?

I take my coffee black as midnight on a moonless night. If you can tell me the television series this is a quote from then I will buy you a coffee when we meet.

Where’s your favourite spot in London to hang out?

The spot I like to hang out in most is Spitalfields Market down to Brick Lane. The place is vibrant and has a good mix of characters, shops, cafes, and pubs. It also has one of my favourite record shops which is a place where I can lose many hours browsing the racks.