The Team

Joanne Clarke

Chair of the Board of Directors

Joanna Clarke


What’s your role at EFL and what does it entail?

As Chair of the Board of Directors for Enterprise for London I’m responsible for the strategic direction of the Company, bringing over 30 years of experience in the enterprise and economic development sector and in this role, within the context of the not-for profit sector. This means that Enterprise for London brings social as well as economic benefit to the Greater London conurbation which is something I‘m very proud to be associated with.

Who is your favourite entrepreneur and why?

Over the years I’ve met many entrepreneurs and it’s true to say that I admire and respect anyone who has the courage and the dynamism to take control of their career path through self-employment and starting their own business. Enterprise offers an incredibly positive option to thousands of people across the UK every year and it’s important to remember that over 95% of UK companies employ less than 50 people in their business. As an economy we owe a huge amount to micro and small businesses and in my view this enterprising spirit often gets overlooked in the veneration of large companies – which also of course started with one small step into enterprise. Most of us though will be employed by SMEs throughout our working lives, so I remain full of admiration for all entrepreneurs everywhere.

How do you like your tea / coffee?

I’m a tea aficionado (Addict?!) and anyone who knows me understands that unless the teaspoon can stand up on its own in my mug, the tea’s not strong enough!

Where’s your favourite spot in London to hang out?

Whilst I love the energy of the City, I also appreciate and value the more peaceful times spent in the beautiful parks and green spaces London offers, with a favourite being when I have time to walk by the river in Richmond.