Business Plan Structure

A great business plan structure

Writing a business plan takes time, patience and can often be quite stressful. In this blog we will breakdown the different chapters of the business plan to make the process feel straight forward and manageable. First things first… Create a great cover sheet A great place to start is to create a really eye-catching cover […]

Profit and loss

Projected profit and loss

The Profit and Loss account shows total sales, less the expenses for the business. This will either show a trading profit or loss. This is often referred to as the bottom line or Net Profit. It is this amount on which sole traders and partnership’s income tax liability is calculated (Corporation Tax for Limited Companies). […]


How to write an operations plan

The purpose of the operations plan is to describe the day to day working of your business. Here are some examples of the type of things you could include.  Product or Service Process Describe the process (manufacturing of product / provision of service) from start to finish Include comment on any suppliers and back up […]

Executive Summary

What should be included in an Executive Summary?

The executive summary is a one page overview of your business plan. It should be concise and easy to digest, including basic top level information. People often struggle to get the time to read through a business plan in entirety so the executive summary should explain what you do, who your customers are, how your […]