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Building your business culture with the right hires

Small business support starts at home. In other words, that support starts with you. Who you hire; why you hire; how you motivate: these considerations are every bit as important as the products and services you are bringing to market. Creating the right working culture, means hiring the right staff, which in turn means creating […]

Starting a business on a shoestring

Starting a business on a shoestring

Starting a business may be easier if you have lots of money behind you. But it is entirely possible to get your business off the ground without bucketfuls of cash. Not having any money is no excuse if you are confident that you have a product or service people will buy. Success in business is […]


6 things to consider when starting your own business

There are a number of things to consider if you’re thinking of starting your own business. A good place to start would be finding answers to the following questions: Why?, What?, Who? When?, Where? and How? Why? Why are you making the move to work for yourself? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed being self employed or […]


5 tips for business plan beginners

Just imagine you have to make a journey that you are unfamiliar with. What is the first thing you will reach for? I asked this question during a training seminar recently, and most people said it would be a sat nav or a route map. It was the general opinion of the group that it […]